We are often asked a number of questions regarding weddings by a Catholic Priest, in a Catholic Church, at non-religious venues, etc. Below is some helpful information to assist in answering these questions. 

Catholics marrying another Catholic:
Please see information below about reserving the date and beginning marriage preparation. There is some paperwork to fill out by the couple.  

Catholics marrying a non-Catholic:
Can a Catholic marry a non-Catholic? Yes. 
Can a Catholic marry a non-Christian? Yes.
Can a Priest marry a Catholic and a non-Catholic? Yes. 
Can a Priest marry a Catholic and a non-Christian? Yes. 
Can a priest perform a wedding ceremony outside the Catholic Church? The priest needs to get permission to do this from the Archdiocese headquarters. If there is a non-Catholic or non-christian involved, and the priest has been granted permission, the priest can do the wedding ceremony. It is advised that a Catholic marrying another Catholic ought to be married in a Catholic church. 

Marriage Preparation:
What is marriage preparation?
Marriage preparation is the process leading up to the wedding ceremony when a priest or a designated couple meets with the engaged couple for a number of sessions in order to discuss topics of faith, relationship and marriage. 
Can we do our marriage preparation at the Catholic Center but get married by a different priest elsewhere? Yes. 
Can we do our marriage preparation elsehwere yet get married at the Catholic Center? Yes. 

The Catholic Center charges a fee of $500 to use the Church for the wedding.

To reserve your time and date, please deposit at least half of this amount.

The Catholic Center charges an additional fee for music at the wedding ceremony. We have musicians available. 

The Catholic Church never charges a fee for the priest who is doing marriage preparation and/or the wedding ceremony. The priest offers this service as part of his ministry. Any free-will donation to the priest is appreciated. 

Necessary Documents: 

Baptismal Certificate

All Catholic parties must obtain a baptismal certificate, issued within six months of the wedding date, from the parish of baptism.

Affidavits of Freedom to Marry

Both parties much complete Affadavits of Freedom to Marry forms. These forms, usually completed by the parents, other relatives, or close friends, should be returned to the one preparing you for marriage.

Marriage License

It is the responsibility of the couple to obtain a marriage license prior to the wedding.  It is a violation of state law for a minister to proceed with a wedding without a license in hand.  The license must be given to your priest or wedding coordinator two weeks prior to the wedding. A marriage license is valid indefinitely.  For information about licenses, contact your county’s courthouse to obtain your marriage license.

Wedding Music & Liturgy Guidebook

Wedding Song List with Links – Excel

Wedding Song Playlist- YouTube

If you are entering into a second or subsequent marriage.  If your former spouse has died, you must provide that person’s death certificate. If you are entering a marriage following a divorce in a former union, an annulment must be secured for each former marriage that was entered into by either party preparing for a current marriage.  This is true for both Catholic and non-Catholic parties.

For more information:
Please contact our secretary Jenni, Fr. Michael or Fr. Brian for more information!