Baptism of Infants and Children
Parents who will be having their infants or children (under 7)baptized at the Catholic Center are required to attend a baptism preparation class.  These single session classes are  offered once a month, at 9:30am. Godparents are encouraged to attend with parents, but are not required by the Catholic Center.  Parents and/or godparents of infants who will be baptized at another Catholic Church are also welcome to attend this class, as required by the church of baptism.  Contact Suzie Blaydes if you would like to attend a class. 

For more information and inquiries, please contact Suzie Blaydes by calling the office at 706-543-2293 or by email at


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Child's Information

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Father's Information

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Mother's Information

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Godparents Information

NOTE: Canon law requires that at least ONE Godparent be a confirmed Catholic. If the Catholic Godparent is not a Catholic Center member, a “letter of good standing” from his or her respective parish is required.

Godparents must be:
– At least 16 years old
– Confirmed
– Not bound by any cannonical penalties
– If married, be married in the Catholic Church or have had their marraige blessed in the Church
– Someone other than the parent of the person to be baptized

Non-Catholics can serve as a Christian Witness.

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Other Information

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Baptisms typically take place during one of the weekend masses (Saturday at 5pm Sunday at 8, 10:30 or 5pm).

It is customary to give the Celebrant an offering for performing the Baptism.