The Mass Coordinator is the “behind the scenes” preparation person at the Mass. The role of the Mass Coordinator is to coordinate various Liturgical ministries and setup for Mass at the time of the Sacred Liturgy.

The Mass Coordinator is responsible for Mass set-up and helping with cleanup after Mass along with the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and the ushers. The Mass Coordinator should confirm that all is ready for the Mass, even if it appears that someone has already done so. They make sure that the Liturgical ministers (acolytes, lectors, ushers, greeters, and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion) are present and ready to serve for the Mass and recruit replacement ministers if needed.

During a special Liturgical celebration, the Mass Coordinator may have to assist with various tasks (e.g., Baptism, procession, washing of feet, etc.). Please note: For special liturgies, the DLM will inform and coordinate with the Mass Coordinator to ensure all is in order.

Mass Coordinators:

  • Should be an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
  • Have a passion and love for the Liturgy
  • Be familiar with the liturgical calendar and the Ordo
  • Be familiar with the sacristy and the various sacred objects and books
  • Duties and responsibilities may vary from Mass to Mass based on the needs of the Presider and the parishioners attending the Mass.